About Us

nealandshellieWelcome! We’re Neal and Shellie L. Jacquart, and we own and operate Pet Nirvana. We’re so happy that you are exploring our website. Here’s our story: We love animals and live with three dogs. We wanted to build the kind of place that we would want to take our pets. A place that carried top quality food and safe toys and natural remedies. We believe in holistic natural care for ourselves, and wanted the same for our pets. We also love the lakeshore and feel so thankful to be part of the local business community.

Our History

Pet Nirvana opened for business in May 2008. Originally, our store was a self-serve pet wash with a small inventory of retail products. After five years of success, the business moved to its current location on East Street in Two Rivers. At that time we changed the name changed to Pet Nirvana™ to better reflect how the business had evolved into a growing retail store for dogs and cats, and our move into additional pet services like grooming and massage.

Our Mission

Our tagline says is all. Our mission is to provide everything you need for your pet to Feel Good and Look Good.  We believe in the importance of natural and holistic products and services, and also strongly believe in building relationships with our customers. We offer value to our customers that is an alternative to big-box pet stores.

Our Commitment to the Community

We are proud to be part of the Two Rivers / Manitowoc community. Neal grew up on the east side of Two Rivers. We are very proud to own a business on the east side. We support community activities and other local businesses to the extent that we are able to. We believe in shopping locally, and recognize that local stores and services are the heart of our community. We are humbled by the support of the people of the lakeshore and will continue to strive to earn and maintain your trust.