Maya, The Little Lost Lab

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

We wish that Maya, the great adventurer, could talk. We’d like to ask her what she did and how she felt during the month she was lost in Two Rivers.  But the only thing really important is that Maya beat the odds and is back home.

Maya at home

This story started 28 days ago when Maya, a black lab mix, got separated from her family who was up from Illinois camping at Point Beach. Her family searched tirelessly. They handed out fliers and asked anyone they ran across if they had seen a black dog with a white chest.  They contacted area officials and posted info on social media. Along the way they received several hopeful sightings of her.  Twice her family member Dan was within 20 yards of Maya, but she was skittish and ran in another direction.  And too no avail Maya kept running and hiding.

On the 3rd of July, she had been spotted near the beach. Maya’s family knew she was especially terrified of fireworks and might bolt.  They reached out for help with the search. That evening a group of volunteers from Two Rivers, including the entire staff of Pet Nirvana, combed the beaches at night and into the wee hours of the morning, trying to rescue Maya before the holiday fireworks started. No luck.

Thankfully this story has a very happy ending.  After 28 days lost, Maya was found at the corner of 24th St and Pine near Neshotah Beach and was reunited with her family. They have updated us that Maya is doing great.  The vet gave her a stellar report. She lost eight pounds, but amazingly enough she only had one tick that latched on for the journey.

Here’s what Maya’s family posted on our Facebook page:Maya and Family


“We are not only beyond excited to have our Maya home, but we’re also speechless regarding the amount of support that we have received from not only Pet Nirvana, but from the entire community of Two Rivers! From the bottom of our hearts – THANK YOU!!!!!”


Maya’s story renews our sense of hope. Maya the Lab is FoundLittle miracles do happen, and lost pets can find their families even after weeks or months have passed.  Words cannot express how happy we are that Maya is back where she belongs. And given the level of community spirit in Two Rivers, we were not surprised to see this sign appear letting neighbors share in the good news.

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