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Pet Nirvana is pleased to offer the cat food from American Natural Premium and Fromm.


AMERICAN NATURAL PREMIUMcat-buffalo-meal-recipe

American Natural Premium offers a delicious grain-free recipe for cats. 

Their food is made in Wisconsin in small batches using only high quality ingredients and does not contain corn, wheat, soy, or by-products. They’ve even added prebiotics and probiotics to aid in digestion. It is premium nutrition for your cat without the premium price tag.






The Fromm Family Food brand of dry cat food uses all natural ingredients and has never had a recall. The company is from our own state of Wisconsin. Our customers rave about the results and say their pets love the taste. All that is good is enough for us.

Fromm Cat Food


About Fromm Family Foods for Cats

Interchangeable recipes

Because each recipe has a similar blend of fresh fruit and vegetables, it is encouraged to switch between Four-Star varieties as often as you would like. You can even mix recipes for a meal that is totally unique!

Premium Ingredients

Each recipe starts with only the choicest meat or fish. Then Fromm adds an unmatched combination of fresh produce, including sweet potatoes, broccoli, alfalfa sprouts, carrots, apples, blueberries, and cranberries.

How fresh is Fromm fresh?

Fromm schedules their production around the delivery of fresh ingredients. If Alaskan wild-salmon is to be delivered to their plant on a Monday morning, they will use that morning to produce our salmon-based products like Salmon À La Veg and Surf & Turf.

Minimal processing

In lieu of baking, which can damage nutrients with high temperatures; Fromm uses a low-temperature, high-moisture extrusion process that assures that all starch is thoroughly cooked, and that no damage occurs to the proteins.

Safety is paramount

Fromm recipes contain only USDA-inspected ingredients. They prepare their dry recipes at their own USDA-inspected plant in Wisconsin. Every delivery of raw ingredients is thoroughly inspected by their team of quality control experts.

From Fromm’s family to yours

Each recipe is prepared in small batches at the Fromm family -run plant in Wisconsin. Fromm oversees every aspect of production from start to finish ensuring each step measures up to their standards.

All Life Stages

Fromm Four-Star is complete and balanced for dogs of all life stages. Puppies, adults, seniors, you name it. Just adjust feeding as neccessary. For example, if your dog is trying to lose weight try a leaner entrée like Whitefish & Potato.

What’s missing?

Fromm Food recipes are wheat free, corn free, and by-product free.

Fromm Food meat and fish are free of any hormones or medications.

Fromm Food products contain no artificial or industrial preservatives.


Fromm Cat Food Flavors