Self-Serve Pet Wash

Lots of warm water. A bottle of sweet-smelling, all-natural shampoo. Safety tethers in the tub so your pet can’t jump out. A stack of fluffy towels. Brushes. Aprons. And if you need a blow-dry machine, one is available for a small cost.

We want the pet bathing experience to be pleasant for the person giving the bath —  as well as for the pet receiving it. That’s why we’ve thought of everything for you.  Just bring your pet. We’ll even clean up. (Relax. At our store, we follow strict sanitation rules.)

Appointments are for 30 minutes of tub time. The tub is usually available for walk-in appointments — so you can stop in after your day at the beach — but if you need to guarantee a time, please call ahead to reserve a time.